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Cooling fluid reservoir cap provides its hermeticity, prevents it from dust getting into and helps to regulate the pressure level in the cooling system, relieving excessive pressure through the valve.

3 tips on cooling fluid reservoir cap exploitation

  1. Manufacturers don’t state a certain lifetime limit for the spare part. Replace it when signs of faults appear or in case of the component mechanical damage.
  2. Clean component valves from time to time in order to provide their correct work.
  3. When replacing the cap make sure it fits your car. To do this, compare markings on the new and the old ones – they should be equal.

Faults of cooling fluid reservoir cap, their causes and signs

  1. Incomplete valves closing. It is often a result of dust on places of working surfaces contact. As a result of release valve breakdown, at relieving excessive pressure, antifreeze goes out of the cooling fluid reservoir, thus its level in the system is lowering quickly. Sometimes vapour is seen going from under the hood. In case of intake valve breakdown the engine will overheat more often because of air locks appearance in the system.
  2. Wear of the spring ring or the spring itself. It often happens due to material aging. In this case the system will also lose hermeticity; drips of the cooling fluid can be seen near the cap. You can check if the spring is worn out pressing it in your hands. A worn out component will have soft travel and low resistance.
  3. Thread stripping. It can be caused by low component quality or excessive force at its turning. In case of such fault the cap will revolve without being fixed in closed position.

You can buy the cooling fluid reservoir cap for your car in online-shop Qualified specialists of the support service will help you to choose a necessary spare part.

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